Houzi after the Spirit Fight.

This is hard


Houzi is basically a monkey, but sometimes her eyes turns red.

Weapons and Attacks

Karaoke Battle

Houzi sings a song and music notes will hit the Soul.

Omega Houzi

Omega Houzi is just the same appearence but sometimes with a Soul Gun and always has red eyes and blue blood coming out of her. She is more evil and uses all the Lost Souls. Spirit, Ere, Slo and Mo, Heihei, Clawrus and The Subjects. The only Lost Souls that aren't controlled is The Gambler and The Dealer.

Omega Houzi Attacks

Her attacks are pretty much everyone else's attacks but with falling, deadly Lost Souls. (Spirit's gun, Clawrus' lighting and claws, Slo and Mo's comments and twitter bird, and Ere's knives and teddy bear. The Subjects are just threw at the Soul. Heihei's attacks doesn't appear somehow) She also have another attack where broken, withered hands appears (also appears in Game Over Screen)

Her first attack is surrounding you with everyone and making them attack you.


Houzi, unlike the other 12 Animals, he doesn't really want to trap you. Houzi also doesn't seem to like his job saying the same thing over and over.


A Reason

Houzi first appears with Heihei next to the door to 2017. She just explains about congrats on the year and saying she won't keep the Protagonist in the room, before killing them on the spot. You can't enter the door and asks why, when you answer, she'll send you back to the gloomy 2016 with an evil look.

The Forest

Houzi tells the Protagonist that it wasn't her fault if they die. After the Spirit battle she says she enjoyed watching the Protagonist struggle a bit.

The Game

Houzi talks about the arcade place full of dead souls. If you interact with the Karaoke Machine, it will start the Houzi Fight. Houzi doesn't catch up with you at A Lab or A Life.

The End

After the Heihei fight, Houzi appears and saw Heihei die, She becomes angry and reveals that she was using Heihei and talks about both of them making a Soul Gun. Then it starts the Omega Houzi battle.

Game Over

Houzi tells the Protagonist good luck getting stuck in 2016.




Houzi took pity on Jax and looks after him.


Houzi hardly knows Spirit, but enjoys him attacking The Protagonist.

The Subjects

Houzi talks about Jax making experiments and making The Subjects


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